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Tales of Graces F: Sophie's Full Outfit

Mutsumi Inomata designs a new outfit for the heroine's PS3 debut. Plus, first screens of the PS3 version's battles.


Six months after the events of Tales of Graces, it looks like heroine Sophie has finally decided to change her clothes.

We previously got a partial glimpse of the new Mutsumi Inomata-designed outfit that Sophie will sport in the afterstory scenario that's included in PS3's Tales of Story F. Now, thanks to Famitsu.com, we have a full look:

As revealed in Famitsu this week, Sophie won't be the only one getting new outfits. Expect Namco Bandai to slowly reveal the new outfits as the game's Winter release approaches.

See Famitsu.com for the following stories:

Of particular note is the "Next Tales of" story, as it has higher resolution versions of some of the concept art that debuted in thumbnail form at the game's teaser site.

For some details on the text of the stories, see this summary from yesterday.

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