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Konami Earnings Up For the Quarter

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker and Winning Eleven lead to boost in earnings.


Konami shared today its earnings report for the first quarter, spanning April to June 2010. While sales were down somewhat from the same period last year, the company saw nearly three times the operating profit thanks in large part to its video game business.

Total sales for the period reached ¥53,183 million, down from last year's ¥55,975 million. Operating profit was up sharply from last year's ¥1,000 million to ¥2,879 million.

The company's core video game business was one of the main reasons for the earnings gain. Sales in this devision were up from last year's ¥24,601 million to ¥25,106 million. Earnings were up from ¥1,547 million to ¥2,347 million.

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker, released domestically in April and overseas in June, was one of the reasons the company cited for this year's success. In its earnings report, Konami mentioned the game's perfect rating from Famitsu (although it didn't actually specify the magazine by name) and said that sales have been solid thanks to strong support from series fans.

Winning Eleven also saw solid performance through series' "Aoki Samurai no Chousen" unofficial World Cup edition, which was released domestically in May. Overseas, Winning Eleven 2010, operating under the name PES 2010 Pro Evolution Soccer, saw strong repeat sales.

Also getting a mention in Konami's earnings report was Love Plus +, which saw release in June to higher first week sales compared to the original. Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 3rd Story, Fairy Tail Portable Guild and Pro Baseball Spirits 2010 also got mentions for solid performance.

Looking forward to the rest of the year, the company said that it will continue to place its focus on the expanding overseas market. It listed Castlevania Lords of Shadow, the next Winning Eleven, Karaoke Revolution Glee, DanceDanceRevolution, and Def Jam Rapstar as major releases for the year. For arcades, is said that Metal Gear Solid ARcade will make it out alongside series titles like Mahjong Fight Club, Baseball Heroes and Quiz Magic Academy.

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