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First Look: Criminal Girls

Nippon Ichi and Imageepoch team up for a bizarre PSP RPG.


You read all the disturbing details on Nippon Ichi's new PSP RPG Criminal Girls. Now get your first look courtesy of Dengeki PlayStation Online.

First revealed in this week's Dengeki PlayStation, Criminal Girls is an "RPG Where You Punish Girls." Seven girls have been banished to hell for their sins. You take the girls in under your supervision and build them up both mentally and physically for a trip back to the world of the living.

You'll find that the girls aren't particularly good students. They're selfish, go at their own pace, and won't even listen to your orders when facing off in battle against the monsters that roam the tower (it seems that in this game, hell is a tower).

The only way to get the girls into shape is to... punish them.

The description at Dengeki PlayStation ends there, but there are a few things one can take away from the screenshots and captions at the site.

One screen shows a dialogue selection box. Speaking with one of the girls, Tomoe, whose breasts are either very reflective or have the ability to blush, you have the choice of ordering her to move forward, or saying "I understand. I'll rub you."

The screen showing the characters standing on an icy field has the text "3rd Floor: Ice Trial" in the upper left. The tower of hell is a dungeon. A variety of trials await you on each floor.

The battle shot Shows the girls facing off against a scorpion. The site (and I believe the magazine as well) does not provide details on how the combat system works.

The screen with the mosaics has the text "Spanking Punishment" in the upper left. What could the "Very Good" mean?

So who's responsible for this? The studio behind the game is Imageepoch, the RPG specialists who most recently released Last Ranker for Capcom. The original idea behind the game came from Kazuya Ninou, director of Last Ranker, Etrian Odyssey and many other fine RPGs. Character designs are from Ichihaya. Voice actors include Tomohiro Hasegawa, Ai Matayoshi and Yumi Hara.

Criminal Girls is set for November 18 release, priced ¥6,090 at retail and ¥4,800 in download form. Nippon Ichi opened a teaser official site for the game today. The site will get its full opening on the 10th.

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