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The Last Story Official Site: Now With Content

Get a look at all the gameplay systems and world elements you've been reading about since January.


After about half a year of development blog updates, the official website for The Last Story at long last got some actual content today. Nintendo updated the site with most of the screens and details that have been appearing in the likes of Jump and Famitsu over the past weeks.

Here's what you're looking at in the large array of screens at the site:

The Setting is Ruli Island

The setting for The Last Story is an island known as Ruli Island. It's located in the continent's only known harbor and unlike the mainland is abundant in resources and prospers economically.

Ruli City

A city located in the center of Ruli Island, and home of Elza and the other main characters. It's large and has, in addition to large roads and plazas, a maze-like structure with many small pathways.

The Mercenaries, Who've Come to Ruli Island

A group of mercenaries has left the desolated mainland and come to the prosperous Ruli Island seeking work. Elza is among this group -- his "party," if you will.

The Mercenaries, Who Idolize the Knights

Mercenaries like Elza take on jobs from clients, doing a variety of work such as killing off monsters. Due to the nature of their work, they don't get much respect from people.

At the other extreme, you have the knights, who serve the empire. These warriors have high stature and lead a secure life, and are respected by all. Elza and the mercenaries dream of one day becoming knights.

The Mysterious Power that Resides Within Elza

Something happens in a cave where Elza is taking up his first mission on Ruli Island. Because of this happening, Elza gains access to a power that has been locked within him. What is the true nature of this power, and what is the fate that awaits Elza and his friends?

Use Gathering To Control the Tide of Battle

The special ability Elza gains in the cave is known as "Gathering." Using this, Elza can draw the attention of enemies, creating an advantageous situation for his party members. When using Gathering, a blue light is emitted from Elza's right hand.

Screenshots here show an ally beginning the process of casting a spell. The spell will go off once the counter above the spell caster, shown in orange, reaches 0. However, as soon as the spell casting process begins, enemies immediately turn their attention on the spell caster.

To allow the spell to successfully be cast, Elza uses Gathering to draw enemy attention. The enemies gather around Elza. The spell caster's count reaches zero, and the spell is cast.


In The Last Story's battle system, you can see a line drawn between the enemy and allied characters. This line, known as a "Pointer," indicates who the enemy is targeting. Because you can figure out who's aiming at who, you can use the Pointer to your advantage in battle.


In the site's character section, you can see artwork for hero Elza, heroine Kanan and three more recent reveals: Quark, Seiren and Yuris.

Elza and Kanan.
Quark, Seiren and Yuris.

You can read about the characters here (sub characters), and here (main characters).

The site unfortunately does not provide details on Kanan, saying simply that she's the heroine. Nintendo has been holding back on detailing the character; she doesn't appear in any of today's screenshots.

For Yuris, the site reveals that this sub character lost his father in his childhood, and then later lost his mother as well.

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