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Capcom Plans Increased Paid Download Content and Social Games

More "paid demos" like Dead Rising Case 0 could be on the way.

We could be seeing more paid demos along the lines of Dead Rising Case 0.

Capcom had it rough last quarter, with operating income dropping 70% from the prior year. But CEO Haruhiro Tsujimoto seems to have some ideas for how to increase earnings.

In a recent interview with Fuji Sankei Business Eye, Tsujimoto said that Capcom plans on expanding online paid content services for game consoles. The company hopes to bring more titles that use online billing systems to platforms like the PlayStation 3.

Tsujimoto explained that, in order to increase earnings from software, "Once a game has been purchased, it's not the end. It's essential that we create a system to get players playing for a long time." To achieve this, Capcom plans on strengthening sales of paid add-on content with such things as item downloads.

According to Sankei, we're already seeing the first steps in this plan through Xbox 360's Dead Rising Case 0. While Capcom has referred to Case 0 as a paid prologue for Dead Rising 2, the Sankei report describes it as a paid demo. Capcom has similar plans in place for future releases.

When one hears of "online billing systems," the immediate thought may be of Monster Hunter Frontier Online, which has players pay a monthly access fee. The Sankei article seems to be referring to paid download content rather than online usage fees.

Outside of download content, Capcom's growth plans include expanded support for iPhone and social gaming. Regarding social gaming, Sankei reports that the company will be releasing a new Monster Hunter title for the popular Mobagetown mobile service on the 10th. In North America, the company plans on offering four original games in September and beyond.

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