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Square Enix Looking Into Game Archives Release for Parasite Eve

Your first time with Aya Brea may come before The 3rd Birthday.

The original Parasite Eve games play nothing like The 3rd Birthday, but fans still seem interested in re-releases.

The 3rd Birthday may be only loosely related to the first two Parasite Eve games, but players seem to want to relive those two titles through a remake or re-release. Tetsuya Nomura, the game's "creative producer and concept designer," took up the issue of PlayStation Network/Game Archives rereleases earlier today at The 3rd Birthday Twitter..

Nomura wrote, presumably in response to fan questions about the possibility of a download release, "Regarding PE1 and 2 on Game Archives, we're currently looking into it, so please wait a bit more."

He also reiterated the lack of ties between The 3rd Birthday and its predecessors, saying "Regarding connections with the past games, the time frame is the same and the settings are retained, but in terms of story, starting with this title, it's like new."

In past interviews, the game's director, Hajime Tabata, said something similar regarding ties to the first two Parasite Eve games: "It carries over some elements from the Parasite Eve and Parasite Eve 2 game settings, but it's not a sequel. We'd like you to think of it as a new title that features Aya Brea."

While Nomura's comments today don't confirmed that the PlayStation titles will see download release, fans can at least take heart that he hasn't denied the possibility.

Square Enix has been releasing a steady stream of Game Archives titles of late. The last three download releases from the company were Final Fantasy IX, Dew Prism and Legend of Mana. These were all announced through producer Shinji Hashimoto via the Square Enix Members Twitter.

A few days back, Hashimoto said that Square Enix has started looking into its next PSN release to follow Mana. He has yet to provide a followup.

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