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Hero 30 Second Teaser Site Opens

Plus, get your first look at the sequel over at Famitsu.com.


Half-Minute Hero sequel Hero 30 Second got the teaser website treatment yesterday. If you've been keeping up with how these game reveals usually go, that means you can turn to Famitsu.com for screenshots.

But first, check out the art at the teaser site:

Has Half-Minute Hero seen a dramatic style change for the sequel?

Judge for yourself via these screens:

You can see more screens at Famitsu.com.

The details at the site are the same as what was summarized here on Wednesday.

The Hero 30 Overture, Judgement, Revolution, Ragnarok and Destiny scenarios are part of the game's main Story Mode. Together, they contain some 90 quests. You'll notice that they're all RPG-based this time. No more shooting or strategy components, it seems.

The game's multiplayer combat mode, Shin Yuusha Taisen, or Shin Hero Wars, is a four player RPG battle game played via ad-hoc (the game also has infrastructure support, but not for multiplayer play). If features new rules and stages over the original's multiplayer mode.

The game's new edit mode is known as "Romanshigu Tsukureeru" (in Japanese, "ロマンシグ・ツクレール"). I'm not sure what the name is supposed to mean, but the mode lets you to create your own quests and upload them to a server for others to download.

At the very bottom of the page, you'll find a look at the game's Yuusha Mugen, or Hero Infinite, mode. This new mode puts you up against demon after demon for an endless series of fights. You'll have to defeat each demon within 30 seconds.

Hero 30 Second hits on November 3 at ¥4,980. The game's official site will see full opening on the 9th.

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