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Gust Unveils Atelier Totori Download Content

Get your first look at Totoria's big sister in playable form.


Following reveals in Gemaga and Dengeki, Gust has finally made formal announcement of Atelier Totori's first round of download content.

Access the official site, and you'll get your first look. Actually, no need to go to the official site. Just view this image:

The DLC includes three components:

Popular Character Joins Your Party
Totoria's sister Cecilia is quite popular, but she was not a playable character in the main Atelier Totori. That will change with the DLC, as you'll be able to make Cecelia into a party member.
Character Model Viewer Mode
The DLC adds a model viewing mode to your character, item and monster collection book.
Changed BGM
You'll be able to go into the options menu to change the game's background music to pre selected tunes that include past Atelier songs.

The official site did not share pricing or an availability date for the download content.

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