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Aya Brea in Street Clothes, and More From The 3rd Birthday Twitter

Tabata and Nomura share screen grabs and a few insights into the PSP title.


The 3rd Birthday VIPs Hajime Tabata and Tetsuya Nomura have been updating the game's Twitter feed throughout the day with all sorts of revealing bits and pieces, including a few cam-grabbed screenshots. Here's a summary of the latest posts.

More on a possible Parasite Eve Game Archives release

Earlier, Nomura said that Square Enix is looking into a Game Archives conversion of the first two Parasite Eve games. He later posted a followup saying that the issue has to be investigated because a download release for the game is not something that can be decided upon by Square Enix on its own.

(While Nomura didn't get into specifics, he's presumably referring to rights issues. Parasite Eve was originally a novel.)

Lots of questions about game content

Fans have been asking Nomura such questions as, "Is Aya married?" and "Why is she in solitary confinement?" He didn't answer these questions, but did say that in The 3rd Birthday, you'll clear some of the mysteries of Aya's past.

In a separate Tweet, Nomura said that the theme of the game is regeneration or restoration. "Using the Overdive ability, which can cross through time, what will Aya be able to change and what will she restore?" Also, Overdive can infiltrate the consciousness of other people. This is the new Parasite."

Tabata discussed difficulty. There will be a difficulty option in the game. For the non-action types, the game will offer an easy mode. There will also be difficulty levels beyond hard mode for the top 3D action and shooting players.

Tabata also discussed the Twisted, the bizarre enemies whom Aya fights throughout the game. "The enemies in 3rd are a monster known as Twisted. They're creatures with an unfamiliar appearance. They're real. They're scary. All forms are tough foes made with action in mind. They'll even warp. No matter what Twisted you fight, it's enjoyable. However, they're extremely strong. They're the elite."

Aya in street clothes and... in a helicopter?

Tabata apparently got yelled at by the 3rd Birthday's promotional staff after he posted that sweet screen grab yesterday. "Because I am an adult, I want to avoid being yelled at on consecutive days, so today I will upload safe images."

And here they are:

First, a Twisted that, according to Tabata, was previously shown.

Wrote Tabata, it's a powerful enemy, and it's for some reason aiming exclusively after Aya. The creature can do a short warp to instantly close in on Aya.

Tabata was only able to upload a tiny version of this second shot.

He wrote: "There's also this kind of stuff. Details are a secret. Time to get back to work!"

Finally, one last image for the week:

Wrote Tabata: "I can't give details on this, but it's screen of a location that's under development. Where could it be?"

A 3rd Birthday sequel would be HD

It looks like Square Enix management originally wanted The 3rd Birthday to be a console game. However, they ended up going with PSP because the game was originally planned for cell phones. Said Nomura, "If we end up in a state where we can release a sequel, an HD version would be next."

Speaking of the game's cell phone version, as far as I know Square Enix never officially said that this version was cancelled. Nomura makes it clear here. While the cell phone version's content had been finalized to a certain extent, the game was shifted to a PSP-only project.

On release plans

Nomura answered a number of questions related to The 3rd Birthday's release and promotional plans.

Regarding a demo, he said that he will look into the possibility.

Square Enix gives most of its major PSP releases a hardware bundle. It looks like that won't be happening for The 3rd Birthday, as they wouldn't be able to ready something if they began planning now. Wrote Nomura: "This is unfortunate, because we could have done some interesting things with a 3rd bundle."

Nomura was asked questions about the game's theme song, but his reply was that people will have to wait for a formal announcement.

Other stuff...

Nomura previously promised some non-3rd Birthday updated at the Twitter feed. He shared just a bit.

Regarding Kingdom Hearts, he said that the series' promotional staff is looking into the possibility of opening a Twitter account.

Regarding Final Fantasy Versus XIII, he said that while he can't say too much, he's been getting so many questions that he'll look into what he can answer.

Regarding the Tokyo Game Show, he said Square Enix has meetings starting next week, so he believes announcements won't come until the start of September.

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