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Super Street Fighter IV -- And the Winning Catch Phrase Is...

Head to the place where someone stronger than you awaits.

Juri gets a Ryu uppercut to the jaw in this Super SFIV arcade version screenshot.

Capcom announced today the winning entry in its contest to determine the catch copy phrase for the arcade version of Super Street Fighter IV.

Past Street Fighter games have used a catch copy phrase beginning with "Ore yori tsuyoi yatsu," or "Someone stronger than me." Examples included "I'm going to meet someone stronger than me" and "Someone stronger than me is calling."

As detailed back in June, the catch copy contest for Super asked fans to come up with their own finish for the "Ore yori tsuyoi yatsu" statement. Submissions were accepted through June 30. While the winner was scheduled to be announced on July 20, Capcom received so many submissions that it postponed the announcement until today.

And the winner is...

The Super SFIV staff has selected "Ore yori tsuyoi yatsu ga matsu basho e," or "To the place where someone stronger than me awaits."

In comments shared at the campaign page, the Super SFIV staff said that this phrase was selected because it perfectly matches the arcade version of Super SFIV. You could say that players throughout the world gather at arcades with the aim of facing off against strong players.

This submission was made by a group of three. They will get a Super Street Fighter IV limited DVD, a Super Street Fighter IV combo chart, a Super Street Fighter IV Collectors Package, and a strap showing Akuma's commands. Additionally, Capcom is throwing in a set of four historical location test cards, a Super SFIV game pad for either Xbox 360 or PS3, an original Street Fighter t-shirt, and other goods.

The winners won't get one promised honor, though. Capcom originally said that the winners' names would be included in the arcade version's staff roll. However, they had to cancel this part of the prize because it turns out that the arcade version won't actually have a staff roll. In place of the staff roll appearance, the winner names will appear in the "news images" that are shown in the game's demo loop.

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