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Hero 30 Second's Time Goddess is a Cosplayer

MMV opens official site for Half-Minute Hero sequel.

Hero 30 Second has the same retro graphic style of its predecessor.

In the first Half-Minute Hero, the Time Goddess character tasked players with defeating enemy bosses in 30 seconds. She was also around to reset your clock, if you had the requisite funds.

The Time Goddess returns for Half-Minute Hero's just-announced sequel, Hero 30 Second. She'll have a similar role here, resetting the clock for a price, but she'll also be doing something a bit less goddess-like: cosplaying!

Publisher Marvelous Entertainment has not yet detailed how the cosplay system will work, but it did announce a contest today centered around the cosplay concept. Fans can submit their cosplay ideas for consideration. MMV will choose a grand prize winner to get some neat items, including posters, a retailer Hero 30 Second DVD of some form, and an illustration drawn directly by character designer Ayaka Suda. The best ideas may actually make it into the game!

The Time Goddess.

In addition to the contest announcement, MMV opened the full official site for the game today.

Visit the official site for an intense soundtrack.

There's little content at the site right now. Outside of the intense background music, the most notable item is a teaser trailer, which you can stream here:

The site also has details on the game's first print run bonus item: the Sengoku Sexy Roman Pack. This piece of download content includes two quests, Sengoku Yuusha Sanjyu and Hero 30 Sexy Dynamite, a "new map chip set" for the game's quest edit mode, and new background music.

It's unclear what a "map chip set" is. However, the bonus item announcement does seem to confirm that the game will have downloadable quests, music and edit mode components.

Well, at least they spelled map right.

A development blog also opened for the game today. We can presumably look forward to additional details on the game there. In the first post, producer Kenichiro Takagi says "In order to make the world a more enjoyable place, Hero 30 Second starts here."

Further details will be added to the official site on August 16.

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