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Meet The Girls of Criminal Girls

Their biggest crime is being cute.


In Nippon Ichi and Imageepoch's new PSP RPG Criminal Girls, seven bad girls have been banished to hell. It's your job to reform them and lead them back to the living.

The "hell" the girls find themselves in is actually known as the Tower of Hell. This massive tower stands between life and death. People who have died due to some crime committed in the real world are taken here.

A program called "Yomigaeru," or "Revival" is being run at the tower. As part of this program, the girls must make it to the top of the tower, where they'll be forgiven for their sins and revived back to life.

Starting at the tower's base, the "832nd Prison Floor," you'll need to guide the girls to the top of the tower. The girls will have to face a series of trials on each of the tower's floor. These have such English names as "The trial of sticky and muddy," "The trial of hard fire," and "The trial of cold betrayal." Why type of hell awaits the girls in each of these trials?

In addition to the trials themselves, you'll have to deal with the unique personalities of the girls. The girls follow certain pre-set personality types, like "selfish," "violent" and "tsundare" (you can look this one up for yourself).

So far, we've been introduced to three of the girls:


The selfish Kisaragi's crime is greed. She places great emphasis on the price and value of things, and will ask point black about these areas. Voiced by Akiko Hasegawa.


The quiet Arisu's crime is heresy. She can see things that can't be seen and hear things that shouldn't be hearable. Voiced by Ai Matayoshi.


Tomoe's crime is extravagance. She appears quite natural, gentle and composed, but men will fall for her sexy charms without knowing it. Voiced by Yumi Hara.

In this first report on Criminal Girls, Nippon Ichi left out details on the game's battle and punishment systems. You'll have to guess at these areas by looking at screenshots.

The game's official site is scheduled to open today, so perhaps we'll get a closer look.

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