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The Face of Aya Brea

Square Enix brings the sexy to PSP modeling.


How's this for some terrific PSP modeling?

That's The 3rd Birthday's Aya Brea. Hajime Tabata, the game's director, shared the image today at the game's official Twitter, apparently in response to fan requests to see Aya's face.

The event scene Aya model was snapped from a sequence designed to test out the game's subtitling (shown at the bottom, someone, possibly Aya, saying "Wait")

Previously, Tabata provided a look at the rest of Aya.

That's Aya in her street clothes. She shows a bit more skin during combat as her clothes tear off with damage.

I am one of those fans who just love's Aya's face, which is why I made a special story for this Twitter update. Other updates for the rest of the day are being placed in this story. Today's updates will continue to be placed there until Tetsuya Nomura says "good morning," and then I'll switch to a new story.

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