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5pb. Brings Visual Novels to iPhone

Memories Off and Chaos;Head Noah go portable.

Memories Off 6.

5pb. will be bringing a few of its major visual novel titles to iPhone/iPod touch and iPad. Announced late last week in Japan, the company is porting Chaos; Head Noah and Memories Off 6 T-Wave to the two platforms.

Chaos; Head Noah is a sci-fi themed visual novel that originally saw release on Xbox 360 in Feburary 2009 before being ported to PSP last month. Memories Off 6 T-Wave is a love-themed visual novel that was originally released on PlayStation 2 in August 2008 and has since been ported over to PSP and Xbox 360.

The iPhone/iPod touch and iPad versions will be released this Fall.

5pb. CEO Chiyomaru Shikura recently spoke of his intentions with the Apple platforms in an interview with Dengeki. Shikura told the magazine that he feels the touch screen fits the visual novel genre well.

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