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Rie Tanaka Plays Dressup as the Neptune Heroine

Get your girl to dress up like this, and you could shine at Tokyo Game Show.


These pics may be a bit difficult to make out, but they should convince you that Super Dimensional Game Neptune almost looks respectable when Rie Tanaka cosplays as her in-game alterego Neptune/Purple Heart.

Those images from a photo shoot with Rie that will appear in the August 10 issue of Seiyuu Animedia. The Neptune staff shared pics from the shoot at the Neptune blog last week.

In subsequent posts, the blog provided a look at the production process for the costume Rie is wearing, and the end result. The costume was made by Cosplay Ishou Dot Com.

While this appears to be just a one-time order for the photo shoot, perhaps you can show these sample images to a costume designer and make the ultimate cosplay outfit for this year's Tokyo Game Show.

For bonus points, make the costume light up! They were originally going to make Rie's costume light up, but changed their plans due to weight concerns.

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