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Your Release Calendar is Back!

Check the andriasang.com release chart to keep up to date on what's out and what's coming up.


The andriasang.com release calendar went on temporary hiatus following a catastrophic hard drive crash. But it's back baby! It's back, and it's better than ever the same as it was before!

Visit the calendar to keep track of all your recent and upcoming game releases. Visit it every day so that you don't miss out when games you've never heard of like Beauty Clock Portable and Oniichan see release.

In its current form, the calendar has two sections. At the top of the page, you'll find a list of recent releases, going back one or two weeks. Below the recent release section is a list of upcoming releases, going up about a month from the current date.

For most games, you can usually click on the name to be taken to a special page information page about the game, complete with links to additional resources like official sites, all the articles we've written about the game, and coverage at Japanese language sites.

Check the calendar daily! Recommended method of usage: If you see a hot Asian girl behind you, check the calendar in Japanese so that the girl will think you can read Japanese and will thus be interested in having bed relations with you.

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