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Turn Barcodes Into Girlfriends in New iPhone App

Cybird readying Barcode Girlfriend for mid September beta test.


The grocery store is going to be the easiest place to meet girls if you have Cybird's upcoming iPhone app. Barcode Kanojo (Barcode Girlfriend) is a "social love simulation" that turns barcodes into virtual girlfriends. Cybird says it's the first app of its kind.

Based off early details from Cybird, the app works like this. If you see a barcode that catchers your eye, take out your iPhone, switch to camera mode, and snap a pic of the code. Using the barcode, the app will generate a 3D virtual girlfriend for you. The app is capable of producing some 7 trillion girlfriend variations, so you can be sure your girl will be unique.

So what can you do with you your new girlfriend? Activities mentioned by Cybird include building up the girl's affection for you, although it's not clear at present how this can be done. You can also build up a collection of girlfriends by scanning different bar codes and by stealing your friends' girls.

Cybird shared this image today. Is this what a barcode girlfriend looks like?

Cybird hasn't shared screens of Barcode Kanojo, but it is promising some high tech for the app. Using an engine called "Live 2D" from Cybernoids, the app will display its 3D girlfriend models with a 2D illustration touch. The girls will have smooth animation that reacts to your iPhone's accelerometer.

Bar Code Kanojo will be free to download and play. It looks like Cybird is hoping to turn the app into a collaboration cash cow. It's currently seeking product placement tie-ups of the following form:

  • Backgrounds will show sponsored product
  • Girlfriends will carry sponsored product
  • Girlfriends will introduce sponsored product

To take part in the beta, visit the Barcode Kanojo official site. The site is accessible in English and Japanese.

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