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Lords of Thunder and SuperGrafx Ghouls 'n Ghosts Set for PSN

SuperGrafx and Super CD as more classics appear on Sony's retro download service.


More classic NEC gaming is on the way for PS3 and PSP gamers who love the old school. Sony shared its upcoming lineup of Game Archives releases today, and two PC Engine classics lead the way.

The 18th will see the release of Winds of Thunder and Dai Makaimura. English speakers will recognize these as Lords of Thunder and Ghouls 'n Ghosts.

Lords of Thunder is a spiritual successor to one of the earliest Super CD games, Gates of Thunder. While retaining the side-scrolling play of the first game, it swaps out the sci-fi setting for a fantasy theme. The game was known in particular for its hard rock soundtrack. All that quality sound has been shrunk down to a 62MB PSN download.

Ghouls n Ghosts is actually one of the rare SuperGrafx games. This marks the second SuperGrafx game to be released on the Archives, following Battle Ace in April. The Game Archives release takes up less than a megabyte.

Ghouls n Ghosts will run ¥600 with Lords of Thunder going for ¥800.

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