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Square Enix's New RPG: Knights of the Crystals

It's got a Final Fantasy-ish logo and a job system, but this new RPG is free to play.


Square Enix is giving the mobile GREE platform some support with an original fantasy RPG. Knights of the Crystals is available now for download by GREE members.

Your goal in Knights of the Crystals is to take on quests to build up your money and experience and eventually complete your collection of treasure. Like other GREE games, this is a social title and is playable with other players.

Knights of the Crystals is free to download and play, with Square Enix recouping costs off item transactions. Despite the low price of entry, you'll find some heavy hitting Final Fantasy brands here, including a job change system which can give your character special abilities, and a big-name character designer in Ryoma Ito of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance fame.

Those with appropriate cell phones can download Knights of the Crystals today. Everyone else can turn to the newly opened official site for a closer look.

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