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Yakuza PSP Comes with Shaving Razor and DLC Codes

Get a clean shave while downloading character parts, special skills and hostess costumes.


Sega is going the retail-separate route for Black Panther Yakuza New Chapter's bonus items. Announced today, the bonuses range from download content codes to... well, there's this:

That's Bic Camera's bonus, the "Kurohyou Original Kai Razor." This sample razor from razor maker Kai comes in a box depicting the game's hero, Tatsuya.

Sega previously teamed with Kai for a razor depicting Yakuza 4 hero Kazuma Kiryu.

Geo, Joshin, Tsutaya and WonderGOO are also getting bonus items, although these can probably be carried onto an airplane. Each shop is getting its own digital contents card with unique download content.

The art on the cards could make them collectors items in their own right. Shown here, left to right, Geo, Joshin, Tsutaya and WonderGOO.

Input the included code into the game, and you'll get the following shop-dependent content:


Edit parts: school-related clothing items. Hostess costume: China dress.


Edit parts: cargo pants and t-shirt. Hostess costume: pink maid outfit.


Edit parts: skull parka and jeans. Special attack: Martial Blow.


Edit parts: pony tail, leather jacket, pants. Hostess costume: Beige schoolgirl outfit with vest.

Each download code will also get you an original PC wallpaper and a machi-uke image for your cell phone. These match the cards' artwork and are shown here:

Based off the DLC bonuses, it looks like Black Panther's download content will include edit parts for your character, costumes for the hostesses, and new moves. Sega detailed how these pieces of DLC work:

Edit Parts
In Black Panther, you can make your own custom character for use in wireless combat. By inputting passwords, you'll be able to obtain items for head parts, tops and bottoms.
Hostess Costumes
These are items that you can give as presents to the hostesses. They'll wear the items for you when you visit the shop next.
Special Moves
By inputting passwords, you'll earn "the chance for a special move" -- an event that leads to your learning a special move (in the Yakuza series, you learn special moves by witnessing events that tie into the move).

Sega has yet to detail future download content for the game.

Black Panther Yakuza New Chapter arrives on September 22. In addition to the above bonus items, Sega is including the previously announced Young Kamutai Magazine bonus booklet.

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