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Aya Brea's Clothes Before and After Damage

Latest from The 3rd Birthday official site, including a couple of gameplay movies.


Square Enix gave the 3rd Birthday official site an update today, providing gameplay details and some previously promised download content.

Visit the "system" section for videos showing Aya's basic movement, attacks and evasion, and her ability to switch off between four different weapons on the fly during battle.

You can stream YouTubed versions of the videos here:

Aya's Basic Moves

Switching Weapons

Also at the site, some before and after pics showing off the curious property where Aya's clothes will disintegrate with damage:

As Aya loses more and more of her clothes, she gains added damage.

Square Enix unfortunately did not share videos of the clothe disintegration system in motion.

Joining the gameplay details, the site's download section was updated with additional wallpapers and a bunch of Twitter Avatar icons.

There's also a hidden feature at the site. In the character section, which still just consists of Aya, you can now zoom in for a close look at the character.

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