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Solatorobo Hero Changes From Dog to Human

A look at Red's special skill and the opening moments from CyberConnect2's new original RPG.


CyberConnect2's new DS RPG Solatorobo (formerly Solarobo) is set in a world of dog people and cat people. People of the world look like bipedal dogs and cats.

That includes main character Red, one of the dog type. But it turns out that Red has a special ability to shed the fur and make himself look almost (not totally, but almost) human.

The special ability is called "Trans" (or maybe "Trance" -- I think "Trans" makes more sense, though, given that you're transforming). You'll unlock this ability midway through your adventure.

Once transformed into human form, Red has increased attack, movement, and defensive strength. He won't even get a scratch if struck with a weak attack.

Red can use the Trans ability even when he's riding his Dahak-AZ103 mech. It's called "Trans Up" here. The mech transforms into a humanish shape, complete with massive claws

Ouside of Red's Trans ability, publisher Namco Bandai shared screens and art showing the opening of Solaroboto.

Red is requested to obtain an important file that has been stolen. He boards the large Hindenburg air ship, deep within which he finds a mysterious medallion-shaped item.

A giant creature called Laress, which rises an amazing 5km in height (Red's ship is, in comparison, just 50m tall), appears suddenly beside the ship and sends it into flames.

As Red makes his escape, he runs into Elle, a mysterious cat person.

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