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Aya Brea Zoom Feature Coming to 3rd Birthday Official Site.

You'll be able to get close to Tetsuya Nomura's hottest heroine. (Updated with Aya's wedding ring NOOOOOO!!!)


I have a policy of posting The 3rd Birthday Twitter updates in a single story so as to not clutter up my site with micro updates. But I think we can all agree that this news was deserving of its very own story.

Yesterday, Square Enix added a zoom feature to the character section of The 3rd Birthday official site. Here's a before and after of the feature:

It looks like fans immediately protested the low zoom rate, as in a Tweet just a few hours after the update director Hajime Tabata wrote, "I also feel that the Aya zoom rate at the official site is lacking."

Today, came good news from the game's promotional staff: "We've heard everyone's heated feeling of 'We'd like to leisurely view Aya more closely,' and will be adjusting the zoom feature. When the functionality power up is completed, you can do as you desire!"

No time frame was provided for the update, but I can assure you I'll do a separate story upon its availability.

Update 17:16 - Well that was fast! The official site was update with the promised additional zoom. You can now look closely at the tears in Aya's clothes and the textures in her tummy.

Everyone is excited about this development. Even Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada posted a Tweet on the matter.

Of course, if you look closely, you'll see the bad news:

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