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The Lin Brothers Discuss Chaos Code

New 2D fighting game in development in Taiwan.


2D arcade fighter Chaos Code appeared out of seemingly nowhere as it went on location test late last month at Club Sega in Akihabara. 4gamer did a bit of investigating and managed to get the inside scoop on the game and its developer, FK Digital.

Different from most 2D fighters that go on location test first in Japan, Chaos Code is not developed by a Japanese company. FK Digital is based in Australia, and it seems that video games aren't their primary business. Chaos Code will be their first arcade game.

4gamer got some commentary on the game from its sibling directors, Michael and Mickey Lin.

The selling point for Chaos Code, said Mickey, is its personable characters and simple gameplay systems. Because the game is not too complicated or "new," he believes beginner players will be able to enjoy themselves.

4Gamer said that their first impression looking at the game's art style was that it has a Gulity Gear or BlazBlue look to it. Mickey agreed, although he said that the staff has taken influence from The King of Fighters and Capcom vs SNK. He noted that KOF is particularly big in Taiwan.

Mickey explained a bit about FK Digital's structure. He and his brother joined the company after doing foreign exchange studies in Australia. At the time, the company's business was centered on design work for newspapers and such. On the side, Mickey was making a dojin game called Super Cosplay War Ultra. His boss eventually saw this and felt that they could make a product out of it.

While development on the game started down in Australia, it's currently taking place in FK's Taiwanese studio.

Sure enough, FK Digital is not going at Chaos Code's Japanese release entirely on its own. According to Michael, they're working with a Japanese company, which is helping out with technology and marketing. He would not share the company's name, though.

Asked about a possible PC or console release, Michael said that the game was originally planned as an Online PC game and was developed for two years as such. They moved away from that because they thought they would encounter difficulties doing paid download items for a 2D fighting game.

Development on Chaos Code is currently 80% complete. The actual release timing will depend on the results of the recent location test, but Mickey said that if they can't get it out by the end of the year they'd like to have it out by next Spring.

Even though the location test took place in Japan, FK seems to be promoting Chaos Code in three languages at once. You can read all about it in English at the official site.

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