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Now Final Fantasy VII Advent Children is Larger Than Life

Square Enix releases another CG gallery for iPhone and iPad.


Square Enix's "Final Fantasy XIII Larger Than Life Gallery" brought the dream of high resolution Final Fantasy XIII CG images to iPhone users. An iPad version of that delivered the same thing, but with some 3D images.

Now Square Enix is taking the Larger Than Life concept to another franchise, Final Fantasy VII. Specifically, Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete. The Blu-ray version of the CG sequel to Final Fantasy VII is being converted into still CG form for an iPhone/iPod touch and iPad image gallery.

The gallery includes a total of 83 images, showing top CG work of Cloud, Tifa, Sephiroth, Aerith and other characters from the FFVII universe. As with the FFXIII galleries, in addition to zooming in and out of high res pics, you'll be able to set the app into a calendar mode.

The Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete Larger Than Life app is available today worldwide at ¥700.

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