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Pokemon B&W: Seasons, Dreams and Musicals

The new DS Pokemon games are packed with more than just newcomer Pokemon.


Pokemon Co. shared its latest media blast for Pokemon Black & White today, providing a look at some of the features that have been circulating following recent Coro Coro Comics issues and Pokemon Sunday episodes. Here's a summary of the info to go along with the gallery.


One of the big features for Black & White is a seasonal system. The game will move between spring, summer, fall and winter. You'll find that different Pokemon appear in different seasons, Additionally, some parts of the world will only be traversable in some seasons.

These four images of the newly unveiled Shikijika reveal a curiosity about the season system:

It also looks like some Pokemon will either change color depending on the season or will have different seasonal color variations.


Pokemon Black & White has a number of new battle types. Today, a look at the game's Rotation Battle system.

Previously, we were introduced to the game's Triple Battle system. Black & White offers three on three battles, up from the two on two "double battles" that first debuted way back in Ruby & Saphire. Just as the name sounds, you can send out three Pokemon into battle against three other Pokemon. This adds strategy to the battle, as positioning becomes important. A Pokemon on the far right of your battle line will not be able to strike a Pokemon on the far left of the enemy line, for instance, but the Pokemon in the middle will be able to strike, and be struck by, all three enemy Pokemon.

Rotation Battle also has you send out three Pokemon into battle. However, only one Pokemon fights. When selecting your command, you can rotate between your three Pokemon. Your opponent is also rotating between his three Pokemon, so you'll need to try and read ahead.


A new feature for Black & White, Pokemon Musical lets you play dress up with your Pokemon and put them on stage to perform a musical.

Once you've progressed a certain ways into your adventure, you'll come to a town that has a Musical Hall. Visit the hall, and you'll be able to make your Pokemon perform a concert, after first dressing them up with goods and instruments of course. As the Pokemon perform, you can use the stylus to make them use particular goods.

If a Pokemon performs good, he'll get the spotlight turned on him. He may even earn presents from fans following the musical.

The game also includes a wireless competitive music battle mode.


Pokeshifter is used to bring Pokemon from HeartGold, SoulSilver, Pearl, Platinum and Diamond into Black & White.

After clearing Black & White, you'll gain access to a facility that's conducting research into Pokeshifter. Visit the facility, and you'll play a mini game where you toss Pokeballs at Pokemon who are running around on a field. Pokemon that you've caught in this mini game will appear in Black & White.

To use Pokeshifter, you'll need two DS systems.


We were previously introduced to the Pokemon Global Link website. Pokemon Dream World is one part of this site.

The Pokemon Global Link website will open simultaneous with Black & White's release. From the site, you can view play information and rankings for nationwide players, exchange e-mails with players with whom you've exchanged friend codes, and download skins for your Pokedex and C Gear, and music for the Pokemon Musical mode.

By making your Pokemon go to sleep in Black & White, you can send them to the Pokemon Dream World part of Global LInk. In Dream World, you can interact with the Pokemon in a variety of ways, making them raise fruits, which are rare in Isshu, and collect items. Items and fruits can be placed on a shelf to be traded with other players, and can be placed in a treasure box to be carried back into the game. You can also make customizations to your Dream World home.

Also while in Dream World, you'll encounter Pokemon with some very special properties. If you make friends with these Pokemon, they may appear in Black & White.


Finally, a look at the latest Pokemon:








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