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No Shower Scene for The 3rd Birthday

Director Hajime Tabata breaks the hearts of Aya Brea fans everywhere. But not me, because I really don't care. Hmph!

Aya's former self in Parasite Eve 2.

As if the wedding ring wasn't disappointing enough, The 3rd Birthday director Hajime Tabata delivered some bad news for Aya Brea fanatics today at the game's official Twitter.

Tweeted Tabata, "Regarding the very frequent question of 'will there be a shower scene?' the answer is, 'unfortunately no.'"

Tabata noted that everywhere he goes, be it E3 or even internally at Square Enix, everyone seems to say "Is there a shower scene?" or "I'm looking forward to a shower scene with the latest technology."

"To this, I ask a straight forward question," wrote Tabata. "Do you truly want a shower scene?"

Tabata, I think people just want to see Aya Brea naked. She is pretty hot, after all, even if Tetsuya Nomura said he tried to not make her too hot.

According to Tabata, there are a couple of reasons why The 3rd Birthday won't have a shower scene. First, as said in interviews at E3, the story doesn't have a situation that calls for such a scene.

The other reason is that he originally felt that there would be few Parasite Eve series fans who would be waiting for The 3rd Birthday, so he didn't feel the need to include the shower scene in the game, which technically isn't a sequel.

In an earlier Tweet, Tabata had said that after starting the Twitter, he and the development staff were surprised, and flattered, to find that there actually are a lot of Parasite Eve series fans out there.

Here's the reason all this shower stuff has become a topic. Behold, the ultimate in 32-bit sensuality, a Parasite Eve 2 cut scene showing Aya Brea taking a shower:

Tabata has apparently been getting lots of feedback on the shower situation, which I'm going to avoid calling Shower Gate. He promises to share some of the feedback on Monday.

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