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Cave Holds Festival of Itself in Akihabara Today

This year's festival of the shmup promises lots of announcements.


Arcade shooting masters Cave are holding the summer installment of their semiannual "Cave Festival" event today in Akihabara from 10:00 to 18:00.

This latest installment is called, for reasons I can't possibly understand, "Fear: Ca-ca-ca Cave Mansion." As with past events, Cave will be showing off its latest shooters, making new announcements, and selling lots of irresistible goods.

Highlights include:

Demo Stations
Available from 10:00 to 14:30. Playable titles include: DoDonPachi Daifukkatsu ver. 1.51 (Arcade, specially made for Cave Festival), Guwange (Xbox Live Arcade) and DoDonPachi Daifukkatsu (iPhone/iPod touch). Cave will also be holding a score attack challenge for the iPhone title.
Wasshoi 5.5 Anniversary
Top shooter players will show their skills live in Mushihimesama Futari Maniac Mode and Death Smiles Mega Black Label. Held from 12:00 to 14:15.
Midnight Live 360 Live Recording
Famitsu's always entertaining Xbox 360 webcast gets a special recording session at Cave Festival, with appearances by Cave head of development Makoto Asada and other shooter makers. Asada will discuss his work as a producer. Cave will also be making announcements here. You can view the broadcast live for yourself at Famitsu's live broadcast channel from 15:30.
Goods Sales
This appears to be the main attraction for many. There's so much interest, in fact, that Cave will be distributing tickets to those interested in taking part starting at 7:00AM. They even posted a notice at the event site asking that fans not line up overnight. You can access a full catalogue of items at the event goods page.

So what kind of announcements can we look forward to during the live recording session? Cave reps have been mentioning the event over the past few weeks. During Famitsu's Xbox 360 anniversary event earlier this month, Asada said to expect an announcement of some form. Recently, at the event official Twitter, he wrote "There will be a title that I myself was not anticipating... probably."

Cave also promised an appearance by Arika reps with news about the long awaited patch for Xbox 360's DoDonPachi Daijouou Black Label.

For further details on the event, see Cave's official event page.

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