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Hideo Kojima's Weekend Announcement Coming Today

Watch the announcement for yourself via Ustream.


Hideo Kojima said via Twitter earlier this week that there he would have a "major announcement (?)" over the weekend (the "(?)" was part of the Tweet). A few specifics have surfaced via the Kojima Productions Blog.

The announcement will take place during a public recording session of the Hideradio podcast. This is being held at the Sendai installment of the Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker national tournament. Kojima himself is in attendance both for the recording and for a signing event that will take place afterwards.

Writes the Kojima Productions blog: "There will be a public recording session of Hideradio in the event space from 12:00. There will also be a special (major!?) notice!!! so look forward to it. Ahead of TGS, a secret announcement from the event space."

Whatever is going to be announced, it's probably written on this broadcast schedule:

The blog promises a Ustream broadcast of the happenings, so you may be able to see whatever gets announced for yourself, if you can figure out where the Ustream channel is (it may be at the Ken & U-stream channel).

The live stream can be accessed here. I'm not sure if this will work, but I've placed the Ustream embed code here:

As always, Kojima has been Tweeting like mad, so also check his Twitter feed for possible commentary on the event and definitely pictures of whatever he ends up eating for lunch.

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