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Hideo Kojima Makes Some Announcements

Castlevania to feature Metal Gear Solid voice actors. Plus, Kojima responds to questions about Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker.

Kojima (right) and Kikuchi (left) recording the Hidechannel Radio podcast.

Hideo Kojima promised some announcements for the weekend, and he delivered just that today at the a live recording of the Hidechannel Radio podcast.

The recording session was held midway through the Sendai leg of the Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Summer Camp tournament. Joined by Strangelove voice actress Yumi Kikuchi, Kojima made a number of announcements related to Metal Gear Solid and other Kojima Productions games.

The first announcement concerned a previously announced Character Song and Drama CD. Today, Kojima detailed the content of the CD.

The CD is titled "Heiwa to Kazuhira no Blues," or "Peace and Kazuhira's Blues." You might know the Kazuhira character as "Miller."

Included on the CD is 50 minutes of newly recorded drama content featuring the Peace Walker cast, two character songs, one for Snake and one for Miller, and bonus music tracks. The bonus tracks include BGM that was not included on Peace Walker's main soundtrack.

The CD arrives on 9/22 at ¥2,940.

At the event, Kojima and Kikuchi played segments from the drama CD and the Snake character song. The Miller song will debut at tomorrow's Sapporo leg of the tournament. For those who viewed the Ustream stream of the event, the audio was purposefully cut off because the recording is apparently incomplete at present.

The second announcement concerns Castlevania Lords of Shadow. Kojima Productions will be doing the Japanese language version of the game, and they'll be tapping some major Metal Gear talent.

Kojima himself is overseeing the localization process. The localization is being produced by Kenichiro Imaizumi, with the recording overseen by Shuyo Murata, both Kojima Production staffers.

Key voice actors from Metal Gear Solid will appear in the game. This includes Akio Otsuka (voice of Solid Snake), Fujiwara Keiji (Drebin) and co-host Kikuchi (voice of Raven, Strangelove) and Mugihito (voice of Coldman). This is just part of the cast, though. Other cast members will be announced at the Sapporo event, but Kojima said that players can probably figure out who to expect.

Kojima purposely did not disclose who the MGS VIPs will be portraying in Castlevania. This and other details will be announced at TGS. Kikuchi let slip that she hasn't done her part of the recording yet.

Closing off the announcement part of the broadcast, Kojima gave a preliminary look at Kojima Productions' Tokyo Game Show plans. Plans include the Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Summer Camp tournament finals, a Metal Gear Cosplay Camp, and a Castlevania Lords of Shadow Special Stage that will feature appearances by some of the voice actors.

Regarding that "Cosplay Camp," Kojima had revealed earlier in the broadcast that Konami will be holding an official cosplay contest for Metal Gear at TGS. Guests from overseas will also take part in the event, which will be held on 9/18, the first public day of the show. This will be the first official Metal Gear cosplay event, said Kojima. Kojima made this particular announcement after having shown a lengthy video of the recent Metal Gear cosplay contest from San Diego's ComicCon event.

During a Q&A section of the event, Kojima shared a few additional insights into all things Metal Gear.

A fan from Morocco who had apparently greeted Kojima at Sendai Station the day before, said that he wants Metal Gear to go on forever, but is concerned because Kojima always says the current Metal Gear will be his last. Kojima replied that he always says this because he gives his all to the current game, and thus can't think about making another one. However, after finishing and giving it some time, he ends up wanting to make another one.

A fan from Miyage Prefecture asked why Peace Walker has you use a stun rod instead of a knife. Replied Kojima, there's a certain group that will not allow knives to be portrayed on something like PSP, where parents cannot see their children playing. He said that in the next title, they will probably bring back the knife. However, he'd want people to have it, but not use it.

A 14-year-old asked if there will be a Peace Walker book. Replied Kojima, they were going to have the person who did the MGS4 book make a set consisting of MGS3 and Peace Walker, but this ended up not happening. (I did not get the reason.)

A younger fan asked if there will be another Peace Walker, and will it be for PSP or for a console. Kojima responded first that this is a difficult question.

He detailed here the reason that he made Peace Walker. Quoting from this site's Tokyo Game Show 2009 writeup, Kojima at last year's event: "20 years or so from now, I believe we'll be in an era where one can play a variety of games by simply connecting a computer to a network. From within the home and outside the home. If this happens you'll be able to to take games with you wherever you go. In anticipation of this, I wanted to release MGS on the PSP now and test out that state."

In response to today's question, Kojima said that because Peace Walker was so well received, he wants to do something bigger -- make something that can be played on consoles but carried with you to a portable. He added, however, that he couldn't say if such a game would be a sequel or not.

Kikuchi said here that there might be a lot of talk on 2channel, so she suggested they go on to the next question.

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