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Tetsuya Nomura Impressed With Advancing 3rd Birthday and Final Fantasy Versus XIII Tech

The latest on Aya Brea, showers, tearing clothes and even a bit about FF Versus XIII from The 3rd Birthday Twitter.

Nomura wouldn't say when we'll get our next look at Versus XIII.

You know how Hajime Tabata said last week that there wouldn't be a shower scene in The 3rd Birthday? Well, it turns out that there already is a shower "scene" of sorts, but it may be for internal use only.

After a couple days absence, Tetsuya Nomura took over the reigns at The 3rd Birthday Twitter today and wrote "I've seen the shower scene using the latest technology as a test, and it was amazing."

An hour later, he followed up with "What I saw was just a test still showing 'we can do this type of visual expression.' Technological advancement is amazing. I personally don't think that a shower scene is necessary, but you'd definitely want to see how realistic it has become. It looked like a real picture."

Bust out that cell phone while Square Enix's PR team is out of the office, Nomura!

Separate from the shower scene talk, Nomura addressed the game's visual expression as a whole, writing "This series has challenged a variety of extreme visual expressions since the first title, and that's not changing for this latest entry. Some people seem to loathe it, but the clothing damage system has a game-related meaning and is not just included to appeal to the masses."

Related to the advancing technology discussion, Nomura wrote a bit about Final Fantasy Versus XIII. He was recently shown a movie sequence from the game and was surprised to see that that the movies have reached a whole new level beyond what's been shown thus far. "The in-game areas are advancing in a variety of ways, but definitely look forward to the advancing video work of our own Visual Works as well. It's like real footage."

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