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Kojima Announces More Castlevania Voice Actors

Metal Gear creator also touches upon ZOE followup in latest Hidechannel Radio broadcast.

Kojima Productions is taking a hands-off approach to Castlevania's development, but they are working more closely on the game's localization.

Following yesterday's live Hidechannel Radio broadcast from Sendai, Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima boarded a plane for Sapporo for a repeat performance today. As with the Sendai broadcast, today's broadcast from Japan's far north took place in between rounds of a regional phase of the Metal Gear Solid Summer Camp tournament.

During yesterday's broadcast, Kojima announced details on a Peace Walker drama and soundtrack CD and revealed that Metal Gear cast members would be providing voices for the localized version of Castlevania Lords of Shadow, a localization project that Kojima Productions is handling internally with supervision from Kojima himself. You can read specifics on the announcements here.

Today, Kojima provided followups on both announcements.

For the Peace Walker drama and soundtrack CD, nothing new was announced, but Kojima did give attendees an exclusive sampling of Miller's theme song and a new segment from the drama component. Ustream listeners had the audio for this segment cut off, as the recording is apparently not finalized.

For the Castlevania localization, Kojima announced additional Metal Gear voice actors who will be lending their talents to the game. Following yesterday's announcement of Akio Otsuka (Solid Snake), Mugihito (Hot Coldman), Kikuko Inoue (Chico), Yumi Kikuchi (Strangelove), Hochu Otsuka (Galvez) and Keiji Fujiwara (Drebin), Kojima added today Tomokazu Sugita (Miller), Yu Kobayashi (Cecile), Houko Kuwashima (Mei Ling), Taro Yamaguchi, Naoki Tatsuta (Sokolov) and Banjo Ginga (Ocelot).

Once again, Kojima kept the roles that these Metal Gear voice acting veterans will play a secret, although he joked that Otsuka would play the role of the whip.

Further details will be announced at the Tokyo Game Show, where many of the voice actors are scheduled to appear as part of a stage show. Kojima also said to expect some other major voice talents for the game.

As with the Sendai recording session, Kojima also fielded questions from attendees.

One fan asked Kojima and cohost Yumi Kikuchi which Peace Walker character they like. Kojima responded with Galvez, Kikuchi with Chico.

Another attendee asked about a ZOE sequel. Kojima once again reiterated that he and his staff want to do this heavily requested project, adding here that they've even been thinking about gameplay systems. However, they've had to push the project back because of time and staff limitations.

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