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Rinoa Joins Itadaki Street Mobile

FFVIII heroine latest character in mobile version of Square Enix's board game franchise.


Have you been keeping up with Square Enix's Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street Mobile? No? Well, it's a cell phone game and because cell phone games are worthless, I don't blame you.

But you may want to at least check out the game's official site for some cute chibi artwork of your favorite Final Fantasy characters.

Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street Mobile is a mobile version of a Square Enix's sorta-like-Monopoly-but-not-really videogame board game series Itadaki Street. Players role dice to make their way across a board, setting up shops on spaces and collecting money from rival players.

Like the PSP version that preceded it, this particular entry in the long-running series features characters from Final Fantasy as your pieces (the PSP version also had Dragon Quest characters). Characters like Tifa, Yufie, Moogle, and Cloud were available by default. Aerith, and FFVIII's Squall were made available as add-on characters. Yesterday, FFVIII's Rinoa joined the cast.

Visit the official site for more cute character artwork, game screens, and bubbly background music.

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