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Hero 30 Second Official Site Updated with Edit Mode Details

Create and share stages in MMV's Half-Minute Hero sequel.


MMV previously said that Half-Minute Hero 2 would have an edit mode allowing players to create, upload and download user-made quests. Today, it provided additional details on this and other areas of the game at the official site.

The game's edit mode is known as "Romancing Tsukureru." Players can create their very own maps, setting up land formations and positioning buildings, towns, treasure boxes and monsters. It's even possible to create events and villager banter.

Your quest creations can be uploaded to a server via PSP's infrastructure mode. Other players can download your quests and rate them on a five star scale.

You'll find a few screens from the edit mode at the official site. MMV also sent out general screens today, some showing the edit mode and some showing other areas of the game.

Other features previously announced for Half-Minute Hero 2 include ad-hoc cooperative and competitive multiplayer play for up to four. The game's edit mode can be used to create stages for multiplayer use.

Of course, the main mode of play is still single player mode, where you'll work through quests sized in 30 second bits. The game has five RPG scenarios: Overture, Judgement, Revolution, Ragnarok and Destiny. See this story for a scenario-by-scenario breakdown (Note: I accept no blame for the breakdowns being impossible to understand).

As with the original Half-Minute Hero, the sequel will feature character designs and music from some well-known talents. Visit the official site's artist page for a full (Japanese) list.

MMV is currently holding a contest for Half-Minute Hero 2. As detailed last week, the company is asking fans to create costume ideas for the game's Time Goddess to wear as part of a newly added cosplay component. Recently, the game's official blog was updated with at look at one of the prizes for the contest: a Hero 30 Second stamp:

Known as Yuusha 30 Second, or Hero 30 Second, in Japanese, Half-Minute Hero 2 will be released on November 4.

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