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Date Set for Tactics Ogre

PSP remake arrives in November in both retail and download forms.

The PSP remake arrives sooner than expected.

Out of seemingly nowhere, Square Enix announced today a final release date for Tactics Ogre. The PSP remake will see release on November 11, priced at ¥5,980. Square Enix will also be releasing a download version, priced ¥4,980.

The game's official site was updated today with the release information and details on a pre-order bonus for the retail version. Those who pre-order will get a set of 22 tarot cards featuring artwork from character designer Akihiko Yoshida.

The official site was also updated with all the info what was announced last week, including the changes to the class system. The site's "system" section is also now fully open. All the information was previously announced (see this story), but you can now get an official look at the basics of the game's combat and character systems.

An image of the pre-order bonus.

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