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Hey, did you know these things about Pokemon Black & White?

Three things you may already know, but if you don't, now you do, assuming you clicked on the link and read the story, which 60% of you probably didn't.


There are lots of things you should know about Pokemon Black & White. But how many things exactly?

According to Nintendo, the number of things you should know at present is exactly eighteen. This is the number of items listed in the "Hey, did you know?" section of the Nintendo.co.jp version of the Black & White official site.

Of these eighteen, three items were newly added today. I don't think I have the info anywhere on my site so I'm going to summarize it. If you already know the info, you should read this anyway, because reading gives you word power.

Thing Number 16: Plasma Group

Hey, did you know that there's a mysterious group called "Plasma Group" in Black & White? They aim to liberate Pokemon. I don't know if that's good or bad (although I think if I were a Pokemon I'd want to be free), but the site says that they're responsible for lots of bad acts around Isshu Region. They'll appear at various points in your adventure, and their goal in freeing the Pokemon is unclear. (Ahh-hah -- I bet they want to eat them!)

Thing Number 17: Pokemon Global Link

Hey, did you know that Pokemon Black & White can link up to one of those internet websites everyone is talking about these days? Sure you did, because you read it here last week. Pokemon Global Link is a website to which you can upload your report (save data). By doing this, you'll be able to play various pieces of content on PGL and transfer the results back to the DS. See this story for further details.

Thing Number 18: Different Locations

Hey, did you know that the Black and White versions of the new Pokemon game have totally different areas? In Pokemon Black, you'll find Black City, a large city. In Pokemon White, you'll find White Forest, which is full of nature. These are located in the same location.

There are probably more things to know about Pokemon Black & White, so expect NIntendo to share more "Hey, did you know?" entries in the month remaining until release.

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