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Final Fantasy XIV Rewards FFXI Players With Free Shoes

Square Enix has some initiatives in place to get players playing both its MMORPGs.


Are you a big time Final Fantasy XI player? Then Square Enix has some sweet bonuses in store for you if you sign up to play the upcoming PC version of Final Fantasy XIV.

FFXI players who create a FFXIV character will receive a special pair of leather boots.

Meant to be used by messengers, these boots are low in weight and give you a speed boost.

As previously announced, you'll be able to carry your FFXI name over to FXIV. In general, your name will become the name of your FFXI character plus the name of your world/server. So, if you had a character named Destiny, and your character was in the Odin world, you'll have the name "Destiny Odin."

Square Enix isn't ending service on FFXI, of course. In fact, it looks like it's trying to keep current players. Through January 2011, FFXIV players will see their FFXI monthly charge discounted from the standard ¥1,344 to ¥735. The discount will take effect once your free month of FFXIV service ends.

The FFXIV bonuses described here apply exclusively to the PC version, which is due out on 9/22 or 9/30 depending on if you buy the Collectors or standard editions. For the PS3 version, due in March 2011, Square Enix says it will be making a separate announcement.

Update 11:51 - A previous version of this story made it sound like the FFXI discount applies to all FFXI players. The discount is only for those who also have a FFXIV account.

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