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This Week's Flying Get

Atlus jumps to HD with Catherine. All the latest news leaks, updated throughout the day.

Famitsu delivers its opinion on Monster Hunter Diary this week.

There was no Flying Get last week because Japan was honoring the dead, and Famitsu and Dengeki had the nerve -- indeed, the balls -- to give their writers the week off.

But the magazines are back this week, and they'll be bringing new info on... well, we've no clue to be honest. There should be an uptick in the reveals starting now, though, as Tokyo Game Show is less than a month away.

This column contains all the information that leaks out from magazines one or two days ahead of their release. The info is usually based off the summaries at Game Jouhou, which gets its info from message boards and shady Korean websites. None of the info has been verified, so wait until you read it elsewhere on the site before bringing it up during tea time.

Check back throughout the day for updates! And while you wait for more, be sure and check out these past Flying Gets (or is it Flying Gots?)

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More Catherine Details

Game Jouhou has posted a bunch of additional details on Catherine, Atlus's new PS3 and Xbox 360 action adventure game.

As detailed below, Catherine is the first HD game from Atlus. It's being made with key members of the Persona staff. Included in the staff list are Katsura Hashino as producer and director, Shigenori Soejima as character designer, and Shouji Meguro as sound composer.

While the game's name is Catherine, the main character is actually a 32-year-old salaryman named Vincent (voiced by Koichi Yamadera). Catherine (voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro) is a stylish 22-year-old girl who apparently has the charms of a young girl.

The game begins when Vincent, a vegetarian who has no ambition in work or love (I'm not sure if he's literally a "vegetarian," or if the term "vegetarian" is some sort of metaphor for his personality) runs into the mysterious Catherine one day. At night, he has nightmares.

The nightmares serve as an action component for the game. Set in a world with an unending stairway, Vincent has to make it to the top of the stairs, or he will not be able to awaken.

Based off Game Jouhou's summary, it's a bit unclear how the game will progress. However, it does seem that even during the nightmare action parts, you'll end up working through the story and encountering events.

During a staff interview, Hashino said that as their first HD game, rather than trying out a true RPG, the team was excited about trying out something new. It looks like Catherine will be just that, as Hashino said it will be more adult oriented than past titles from the team. It's not all style, though. Hashino promised a deep play experience with plenty of gameplay for players to sink their teeth into.

Soejima said that there are some shockingly adult scenes in the game. When you play these scenes, they'll be even more stimulating, although in a difference sense.

Meguro confirmed the adult leanings of the title, saying that the keywords for the game's music are "classic," "adult oriented" and "erotic." He also promised 5.1ch sound.

Meguro also made a comment that has Persona fans excited. He said that due to Catherine, he believes for the time being the staff won't be asked about their next title. However, at some point next year, perhaps he'll be able to respond "Regarding the RPG, Hashino and I are..."

A hint at Persona 5?

5pb. Brings "Bullet Soul" to Xbox 360 (added 13:41)

Cave announced a bunch of shooters at the weekend's Cave Festival event. Now it's 5pb.'s turn! The publisher has announced a new Xbox 360 shooter, whose name translates to Bullet Soul.

The name is all that's leaked out so far!

Unless I'm forgetting something, this may be the Xbox 360 shooting game 5pb. said it was working on back at the February Xbox 360 Shoooooting Festa event. Or did they already announce that?

Xbox 360's DoDonPachi Daioujou. 5pb. probably couldn't call their new game Bullet Hell without getting some laughs.

Popular Simulation RPG Series Sequel Next Week

It looks like we're going to be getting a first look at the new entry in a popular simulation RPG series next week. Famitsu promises this for its next issue.

I believe the term "simulation RPG" is usually written "strategy RPG." It includes games like Fire Emblem, Front Mission, Disgaea, and Shining Force (ha!). Oh, and, of course, Super Robot Wars.

I'm actually only guessing that this is Famitsu promising the reveal. It could be Dengeki, in which case the possibilities would change to something Nippon Ichi-ish. But it's probably Famitsu, in which case it could be anything else.

Gran Turismo 5 Update (added 12:36)

It looks like there's a Kaz interview in Famitsu this week. I haven't been keeping up with GT5, so I'm not sure what's new, but here's what Game Jouhou has in its summary:

  • The game includes elements surrounding the driver's personality, strength and mental condition.
  • There's importance placed on driver management
  • During endurance races, you can swap out drivers
  • The weather will change in real time during races
  • The game will have racing modifications, although not for all cars

Trinity Zill O'll Zero Delayed (added 12:30)

Omega Force's take on the Zill 0'll franchise, Trinity Zill 0'll Zero, was delayed once before. Now it's getting another delay. Although Tecmo Koei previously set a September 30 release date for the game, this week's batch of mags have it pushed back to a general Fall date.

What does it mean?

Looks like Omega Force needs additional time for development.

Shining Hearts Has the MOE System (added 12:23)

It looks like Shining Hearts is going to be running with its love simulation component. Sega is equipping the game with a new system called MOES, or Mental Over Emotion System.

This system is set up somewhat like the LIPS system in Sakura Wars. As you converse with the game's heroines, their favor for you will change, in similar fashion to a love sim.

Famitsu also has details on three additional characters, Ragnus, Rufina and Rona. One of them is a maid who keeps a variety of blades in her skirt.

Shining Hearts. Not your father's Shining game. Wait... not my Shining game either!

Yes, Wii's Bishojo Fighter Sucks (added 11:59)

In case you weren't already expecting it, the following game totally sucks:

That's Twinkle Queen, a fighting game from Milestone. As its fighters, it features heroines from four PC bishojo games: Tayutama, The Devil on G-String, Shin Koihime Musou and La Campanella della Benedizione.

Famitsu gave the game a 5, 6, 5, and 5. That's not their lowest score ever, but it is pretty darn low. I'm not sure what they had to say, but I do hope "Why the hell is this thing on Wii?" made it in there.

If you really want to more of Twinkle Queen, view this here video.

Other scores this week:

  • Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days (PS3, X360): 9, 9, 7, 7
  • MLB2K10 (PS3): 7, 6, 6, 5
  • Shin Master of Monsters Final EX (PS2): 6, 6, 5, 6
  • Shin Master of Monsters Final EX (PSP): 7, 6, 6, 7
  • Monster Hunter Diary (PSP): 8, 8, 8, 9
  • Ace Combat X2 Joint Assault (PSP): 9, 9, 9, 9
  • Project Cerberus (PSP): 6, 6, 6, 6

New From Atlus: Catherine (added 11:09)

Atlus is taking that long awaited step into HD with the new multiplatform title Catherine. In development for Xbox 360 and PS3, Catherine is an action adventure game with a horror taste.

(I'm also reading in Game Jouhou's description that the game may give off erotic vibes, although I'm going to wait until I see the magazine for myself before I commit to the word "erotic.")

(update, after having seen some pics): Uhh... yeah, it definitely has an erotic taste to the art. The main visual on the first page of Famitsu's reveal shows a nearly naked girl spreading her legs apart. The only thing blocking us from seeing too much is the head of some dude with balling eyes.

Catch copy in the Famitsu article says somethign to the effect of: "The man who continues to rise every night in his dreams."

Atlus has key Persona staffers working on the game. Katsura Hashino is the game's producer and director, Naruki Fukushima Shigenori Soejima is character designer, and Masahi Meguro Shouji Meguro is sound composer.

(Ask you can see by all the strikes, I messed up all the names... sorry!)

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