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Radiant Historia: First PV

First trailer provides a recap of everything that's known about the new DS RPG from the makers of Radiata Stories.


Atlus has made available a first promotional video for its new DS RPG Radiant Historia. Stream it here:

The narrator at the beginning of the clip says "It's a story that spreads endlessly. At that time, at that place, history was determined. What if you could redo that history?"

"The tragedy that is supposed to occur -- only you can stop it."

It's a bit difficult to see the gameplay bits in the footage, but the trailer provides a look at many of the elements we've been hearing about these past few weeks, including the Grid Battle system, the game's time travel component, and the Historia world.

The trailer says that you can "find out what a truly interesting RPG" is by visiting the Radiant Historia official site.

If you want all the details at the site in English, visit the andriasang.com Radiant Historia game info page.

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