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First Details: PS3's Malicious

Make use of a transforming cloak in Alvion's new downloadable 3D action game.

A Malicious screenshot, shared back in June. Alvion is just now sharing first details on the game.

It's been a couple of months since we last heard about Alvion's new downloadable PS3 action title Malicious. At long last, it looks like the publisher getting ready to tell us what exactly the game is, as this week's Famitsu has first solid details to go along with the eye catching screenshots that were released back in June.

According to the magazine, Malicious is a 3D action game that's meant to offer a simple play experience. Your goal is to defeat a dangerous group of creatures known as the Malicious.

The game's stages are actually just big boss fights. You start off each stage in a face off against the boss and his subordinates. There's no buildup to the boss.

As your weapon, you make use of a special black cloak that hangs from the main character's neck. The cloak, created using technology from the great prophets, changes into a variety of forms. As an example, the cloak can becomes a fist for close range melee attacks. It can also become a projectile weapon, making use of "demon bullets" to target multiple enemies with a lock on.

The cloak can also wrap around you to guard against incoming attack.

How all this will work out in terms of controls is unclear at present, as Famitsu's coverage is in the form of a tiny capsule preview.

Malicious is set for PSN release some time this year. With a Famitsu reveal out of the way, Alvion will hopefully start updating the official site.

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