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5pb. Readying "Bullet Soul" for Xbox 360

Is this the original Xbox 360 shooter 5pb. promised back in February?

Umemoto appears on stage at the February Xbox 360 Shooooooooooooooting Festa event

Back in February at Microsoft's Akihabara Xbox 360 Shooooooooooting Festa event, 5pb. marketing rep Akihito Umemoto made first mention of a new Xbox 360 shooter from the publisher. Umemoto said at the time that the game would be formally announced after Ketsui Extra's release.

Ketsui saw release in April, and now four months later we're at last hearing about the game Umemoto may have been talking about at the time. This week's Famitsu has first mention of Bullet Soul, a new Xbox 360 title from 5pb.

Unfortunately, the Famitsu mention came in the magazine's teaser preview section. This section is set up as a completely text-based conversation between two editors. The two usually reveal only teaser bits about the games they mention. In the case of Bullet Soul, they wouldn't even say if the game is a shooter. However, it's worth noting that the game was mentioned alongside Milestone's Radilgy Neo Massive, which is a shooter.

Despite the lack of details, this mention can probably be taken as a sign that 5pb. is getting set to unveil the new game.

It's unclear if it is the same game that was mentioned at the February event, though. Umemoto said at the event that the new game would be released some time this year.

A slide announcing the new game. Ketsui is at top. The new game is below, listed as an original shooting game for Xbox 360.

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