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Namco Bandai Makes Facebook Push

Publisher readying two Facebook games for August beta.


Namco Bandai announced today that it will be supplying full-scale game content on the Facebook social network. The first titles from the company, City of Football and Treasure Abyss, will be available in beta form in late August.

City of Football is a fantasy soccer game that makes use of official data from English Premier League, Italian Serie A, Liga Espanola, and UEFA Champions League. Players play as team owners and acquire and release athletes using a stock market-like system.

Treasure Abyss is a social role-playing game where players team up to explore dungeons. The game will be updated over time with new jobs, dungeons, weapons and other content.

Both titles have been developed originally for Facebook. In the future, the company will be bringing them to iPhone/iPod touch as well.

As expected of a Facebook game, both titles will be free to play, with Namco Bandai generating profits through paid item sales.

These initiatives appear to target English speaking markets at present, as both games will initially be available only in English.

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