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Ghost 'N Goblins Gold Knights II Hits iPhone

New character and Twitter connectivity for side scrolling sequel.


Capcom has released a sequel to last year's Makaimura Kishi Retsuden, a spinoff in the Ghosts 'n Goblins series. Makaimura Kishi Retsuden 2 is available today for iPhone/iPod touch and au cell phones. In English language territories, the game is known as Ghost 'N Goblins Gold Knights II .

The first Kishi Retsuden hit iPhone last year as an arranged version of a cell phone title. In the original, players could take control of Arthur and newcomer Lancelot for classic side-scrolling action.

In the sequel, Arthur returns, but he's joined by a newcomer, Percival. As the story goes, after defeating the demon king in the first Kishi Retsuden, Arther and Lancelot found themselves in a delimna as the demon king unleashed his full magic force. Percival saved Arthur. Arthur and Percival must now save Lancelot and the souls of the girls who have been kidnapped by the demon king.

Mobile version
Mobile version

Percival has short range with his attacks, but can make use of three broad swords, each with different elemental capabilities. He also has access to a dash move, which can be used both for attack and evading.

iPhone version
iPhone version

As with the original, Capcom is making available paid download content for the iPhone/iPod touch version. Players can purchase powerups for Arthur and Percival along with infinite lives. Each item costs ¥115. Capcom will be adding additional modes and gameplay features through future updates.

iPhone version customization

The iPhone version also includes Twitter connectivity. You can set it so that the game will post Tweets about when you die. The Tweets will be hosted at the top of the official site in the form of tomb stones.

The mobile version of Kishi Retsuden II is available for ¥525. The iPhone version normally runs ¥600, but is being discounted to ¥350 through August 31.

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