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Solatorobo: Download Quests, Customization and Air Races

The latest on CyberConnect2's 15th anniversary project.


Namco Bandai shared a bunch of new details today about Solatorobo, its new action RPG about bipedal dog men who somehow think transforming into human form makes them more powerful. The DS title is being released on October 28 as CyberConnect2's 15th anniversary title following three years development. (Surely over that time someone told them of the inherent superiority of dog men!)

Our hero, drawn by Nobuteru Yuki.

The big new feature revealed today for the game is a Wi-Fi quest download system. Players will be able to download new quests via Wi-Fi Connection. Through these quests, we may be able to get a closer look at the characters' pasts and their other sides.

Also new this week, a look at the game's mech customization component and a mini game that puts one particular type of customization to good use.

Early on in his quest, main character Red gets his hands on a Dahak Mk2 mech. This becomes a primary element in the game as Red explores dungeons and towns and fights battles while in the mech. You'll have to switch off between Red in his mech and Red on foot to work your way through different parts of the game's dungeons.

Red's Dahak Mk2 mech is special, as it can undergo Type Changes. You can make the mech change form to match the current situation. Doing so is a simple process -- just select "Custom" and then "Type Change" from the main menu, then choose the new type.

Dahak Mk2 Type S

You'll be able to obtain additional Type Change types as you progress through the game. Namco Bandai has introduced just a few of the types:

Dahak Mk2 Type S (DAHAK-AZI103 TYPE S)

A basic Dahak Mk2 type, this has improved fighting capabilities over a standard Dahak mech. Its special move is the Giant Swing, where it swings enemies for greater damage.

Dahak Mk2 Type R (DAHAK-AZI103 TYPE R)

This Type Change places the focus on speed. It has a Hyper Dash special move which increases the time of your dash and also lets you change direction in mid dash.

Dahak Mk2 Type G (DAHAK-AZI103 TYPE G)

This version has a focus on defense. It has recovery specials. One of its special moves is the Protect Arm, which halves damage and keeps you from being blown away.

Dahak Mk2 Type C (DAHAK-AZI103 TYPE C)

This version is focused on catching things. It has "catch" specials, including the Wind Catcher move which lets it grab enemies and items from afar.

As detailed last week, midway through your adventure, Red will gain the special ability to "Trans," or transform. He becomes more humanish and sees increased attack and defense strength.

When Red boards his Dahak mech while in Trans form, the mech itself undergoes a transformation of its own, to "Trans Up" form.

In Trans Up form, the Dahak Mk2 mech wraps around Red's body and gains access to such moves as the "Spark Javelin," which tosses an energy sphere at the enemy.

Outside of the Type Changes, you'll be able to customize your Dahak mech by accessing the main menu's "Custom" option. You place special parts in your Dahak's system panel, changing its abilities.

There are five types of parts:

  • Attack: Gives greater damage to enemies
  • Defense: Takes less damage from enemies
  • Power: When lifting enemies, your lift gauge will rise quicker
  • Speed: Move faster
  • Recovery: When your life reaches 0, recover some of your life
From left to right parts for attack, power, speed, recovery and defense.

Separate from these strength modifiers, you can also equip your mech with airplane parts. Doing so will let you take part in a special Aeroboard Grand Prix game that's playable by four players via wireless.

You have access to different types of plane parts, including the Aero Rider, Twin Nose and Rapid Edge.

From left to right, Aero Rider, Twin Nose and Rapid Edge.

The races take place over a variety of courses. You'll find Crystals strewn about the courses. By gathering these, you can build up your boost gauge for an acceleration boost. There are also items which you can collect and use to disrupt your fellow players.

Players will receive a bonus when the reach the goal. There are also special bonuses that cycle daily. Included in these is a "birthday" bonus, presumably given to a player on his birthday.

Finally, a surprise revelation about Solatorobo's story structure. It turns out that the game is a two parter. You won't have to pay extra for the second part, though, as both parts are included on the same cartridge. The second part has its own intro movie, created, similar to the first part's opening, by Mad House.

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