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Super SFIV Assistant Producer Pretty Much Confirms New Characters For Arcade Version

And cut your nails, Ayano!


I'm pretty sure there was no longer any doubt about this, but just in case, Super Street Fighter IV arcade version assistant producer Tomoaki Ayano has pretty much confirmed the inclusion of new characters for arcade players.

Ayano posted a few pics of note in the latest Super SFIV blog entry:

"The shadow of new challenger!" writes Ayano about the arcade pamphlet shown above.

Then, a look at the location test character select screen:

"There was actually a hint hidden in the location test," writes Ayano. "A mysterious shadow between Juri and Hakan."

Recognize that silhouette?

Closes off Ayano before turning the blog into its usual CPU strategy post, "It looks like the arcade Super Street Fighter IV won't be ending with just a 100% port!!!"

Three exclamation points!

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