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CyberConnect2 CEO Hiroshi Matsuyama Responds to Fan Questions

Topics include Solatorobo connections to Tail Concerto, .hack sequels and huggable pillows.

Artwork from PSP's .hack//Link, the last .hack game.

CyberConnect2 CEO Hiroshi Matsuyama responded to fan questions in a blog entry that was posted to Famitsu.com today. Matsuyama touched upon a number of points, including .hack game sequels, Solatorobo's connection to Tail Concerto, and huggable game character pillows.

One reader asked, "Do you have plans to make the next game after.hack? If possible, I want it on PS3!!!" Matsuyama responded, "Do you mean a .hack sequel? Or do you mean the next original title to follow .hack? We're of course making new titles. PS3 titles too."

Matsuyama was also asked about the next anime installment in the .hack franchise, .hack//Quantum. Details on this will be coming soon, he said.

Outside of these little .hack bits, Matsuyama's Q&A session touched upon a number of other issues.

A fan asked Matsuyama what Weekly Shounen Jump manga he likes second to Naruto (CyberConnect2 is known for its Naruto game adaptations, including the upcoming Ultimate Storm 2). Matsuyama responded that Naruto is indeed his favorite. However, he likes a number of other titles, including Bleach, Beelzebub, and One Piece. Said Matsuyama, "Every week, I think to myself, please don't die until I've read next week's Jump."

Someone asked if CyberConnect2 is making Xbox 360 games. Matsuyama would only respond that the studio is currently making Ultimate Storm 2, which will see release on both PS3 and Xbox 360 on October 21.

One question referred to CC2's upcoming DS RPG Solatorobo as the sequel to Tail Concerto. In his reply, Matsuyama said, "Solatorobo is not a Tail Concerto sequel. It's a completely new title. Some Tail Concerto characters will make guest appearances, but the connections between the worlds are at most fan service. It's definitely a title in the massive Little Tail Bronx framework. However, it's not a game that cannot be played without knowledge of Tail Concerto. Solatorobo is the story of a man named Red Saharan."

There's a bit about the "Little Tail Bronx" framework in the Tail Concerto Wikipedia entry. According to the entry, Little Tail Bronx is the larger world of which the world of Tail Concerto is part.

Also regarding Solatorobo, someone asked Matsuyama if there will be a huggable pillow version of Red and requested that they use Nobuteru Yuki artwork depicting Red in his underwear. There are no current plans to release a huggable pillow version of Red, Matsuyama said. It's all up to the game's publisher Namco Bandai, of course, but he doesn't believe Namco Bandai is into making that kind of product.

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