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New Suparobo and Phantasy Star Portable Rumored

Leaked images hint at new DS and PSP titles.


Ready for new Super Robot Wars and Phantasy Star Portable games? Well ready or not, here they come... maybe. Leaked images either show the two games or some mighty fine Photoshop work.

First up, Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinite.

Shown here, the packaging for the budget version of Phantasy Star Portable 2, which hits on the 26th. To the left, the packaging mention the inclusion of passwords for the game's 90 collaboration items (Pizza Hut box shields, Hatsune Miku green onions, etc.) and the inclusion of product codes for a couple of items that were distributed exclusively during past events.

The real area of interest is to the right. The packaging says that a new title, Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity, is set for release. You'll be able to carry over your data from PSP2 to the new game.

With the "2" still being in the title, this sounds like it could be a Burst-like power-up version of PSP2 rather than a full new game.

From another angle for the win!

The other rumored game is Super Robot Taisen L for DS. There are a few teeny tiny images around the way claiming to be from a preview in the upcoming issue of Famitsu. The images promise newcomer properties like Macross F, Rebuild of Evangelion, Linebarrels of Iron and Dancouga Nova. A release is set for November 25.

Reading some of the comments at various Japanese blogs, its seems that Super Robot Wars rumors and faked images are a common occurrence. Here's a fake image of Super Robot Taisen Z2 that appeared back in March:

What makes the L images a bit believable (even though the layouts are suspicious) is that Famitsu promised last week a new strategy RPG series to debut in this week's issue. Everyone instantly assumed a new Super Robot Wars game because let's face it -- it's always a new Super Robot Wars game.

The usual flying get culprits should get Famitsu some time later today, so we'll likely find out if either of these rumors are true.

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