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This Week's Flying Get

Suparobo L and Phantasy Star Portable update confirmed. Plus, new Shiren set for DS!


Welcome to this week's Flying Get, where we deliver all the early magazine leaks in one convenient, environmentally friendly space.

Last week saw the unveiling of Catherine in Famitsu. Without further adieu, here's a reminder of what that was like.

This week's early leaks probably won't be as sexy. But there are indications that we'll be getting a 3rd Birthday update, which usually means a general Square Enix update as well. Also, Famitsu promised a strategy RPG debut for this week.

As always, most of what you read here is based off the summaries from Game Jouhou, which gets its info from message boards. None of the info has been verified. You'll usually find more official versions of the stories elsewhere on the site once we've see the magazines later in the day.

Check back throughout the day for updates!

A Few Extra PSP2 Infinty Details (added 16:32)

It looks like Sega is packing quite a bit into its Phantasy Star Portable 2 update/followup. Here's the latest.

The game will have 1.5 times the volume of PSP2.

There will be a new "Duman" race. This race was formed when the Human race saw a sudden change. All Dumans wear an eye patch. Yes, newcomer Nagisa (mentioned all the way down at the bottom of this article) is our first Duman example.

Outside of the new Duman race, all current races will see costume changes.

The game will include a new "Visual Lobby," where multiple players will gather and converse. They're currently working out the size of the Visual Lobby, but they want to have the same number of people as Phantasy Star Online.

The game will have a new super difficult mode called "Infinity."

The game will have new wireless features, including the ability to exchange characters and mission codes with other players via surechigai. The mission codes include such things as "mission with high drop rate of rare items" and "mission where a dragon appears." These can be combined to form new mission codes. Combine the previous two, for instance, and you'd get a "mission with high rare item drop rate where you fight a dragon."

Other features include a screenshot taking utility and a new cell phone-like interface for inputting text during chat.

Dream Club Zero Has a Rodeo Machine

Karaoke and drinking games? That's so 2009 Dream Club. In 2010, Dream Club Zero ups the hostess interaction to... bull riding.

The Xbox 360 prequel, due for Winter release, will feature a rodeo machine. Put your favorite hostess on the machine, and she'll... well, I presume she'll try her best to not fall off. And in the process, some of her most prominent features will shake.

There's some gameplay in this mode. You have control of the machine. If you make a girl shake in a certain way for a certain amount of time, her facial expression will change to one of ecstasy.

Looking forward to this week's batch of Dream Club Zero screens.

Dream Club Zero also has a banana feeding mini game. But, just like the first Dream Club, it's still going to completely suck, so don't actually buy it or anything.

Aya Brea makes news stands look nicer (added 14:30)

Aya Brea is on the cover of Dengeki PlayStation this week:

See below for details on why this matters once again.

Is this the end of Yakuza? (added 14:19)

A mysterious ad in this week's Famitsu:

That ad, placed on the magazine's opening page (the page you see when you first open the cover) is for the new PS3 Yakuza game, which is still unnamed.

If you've played the Yakuza series, you'll recognize the setting as the neon city of Kamurocho. But it looks like the area has been hit by some sort of catastrophe.

Is this what series producer Toshihiro Nagoshi meant when he said they'd be taking up the theme of "destruction" as one of the game's concepts?

The full Yakuza PS3 reveal is expected for Tokyo Game Show.

Chunsoft Making Zombie Game for DS (added 14:19)

Chunsoft isn't just using the DS to milk its Shiren the Wanderer series. The company is also working on a brand new title for the system, and it has zombies!

CEO Koichi Nakamura reveals this in an interview in this week's Famitsu. He doesn't share anything aside from the game involving zombies and not being a sound novel. Chunsoft is, of course, known largely for its sound novels like 428.

This new game may be Chunsoft's first attempts at targeting international audiences. In the interview, Nakamura said that he's recently begun to feel that just concentrating on Japan is no good. He believes the studio should aggressively pursue overseas development of their titles as well.

3rd Birthday: Aya's Ring Explained (added 14:03)

It turns out that ring people spotted on Aya Brea's left ring finger may not be a wedding ring after all. A 3rd Birthday feature in this week's Famitsu hints that the ring may have something to do with Aya's lost memories and the nightmares she repeatedly sees while in solitary confinement.

Maybe Aya is not married.

Famitsu also has a few gameplay bits this week, although it looks like many of the points were revealed in Gamescom reports last week.

You have access to two aiming modes. Lock On mode automatically locks your sights on to enemies. In Aim Mode, you aim your target on your own. Grenade Launchers and other such weapons can only be used in Aim Mode.

When out on the battle field, you'll be able to hear messages from your fellow soldiers. These can provide hints as to how to deal with your Twisted foes.

In those messages, you may hear words like "Wad" and "Slacker." These are code names you use for the Twisted. Specifically:

  • Wad: A Twisted that's thin like paper
  • Slacker: A Twisted that has human form
  • Reaper: A Twisted that can warp between points

Finally, the character details Tetsuya Nomura has been promising:

The magazine has a proper introduction to Hyde, full name Hyde Borh. Hyde heads up CTI's Overdive Investigation division. He receives specific orders from his higher ups and hands them off to his subordinates, like Aya, who are out on the battle field.

Also introduced in the magazine this week is Cray Thelonious, a special investigator with CTI's Overdive Investigation division. Cray was once in the army's special forces division and is a specialist in war. He serves as Aya's instructor.

Hyde, in the background in this old screenshot.

Kingdom Hearts ReC's Avatar System Detailed (added 13:28)

We're going to be hearing a whole lot about Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded from here on out. Famitsu will be having weekly features on the game straight up through release.

This week's feature was summarized in advance at this blog.

The magazine's batch of screenshots show Riku appearing alongside Sora and Mickey in Disney Castle. Riku is apparently worried about not being able to escape the data world.

Outside of this story bit, the magazine has first details on the game's communicative component. As previously announced, there won't be a multiplayer mode in Re:Coded. Instead, the game will make heavy use of surechigai Wi-Fi, where you exchange data with other players you pass by on the street.

The surechigai system is part of the game's new Avatar Menu mode. Here, you make use of parts to create an original avatar character. The avatar system appears to be similar to Square Enix's current Kingdom Hearts Mobile service. You'll even be able to make use of Final fantasy Parts.

Once you have an avatar, you'll be able to exchange a profile with other players. But that's not all. You can also exchange System Area floors.

What's a "System Area?" System Areas are accessed from hidden entrances on the fields of play. Defeat the bug enemies that reside on these floors, you can clear the area of problems and return it to standard form.

The System Areas are comprised of multiple floors, all generated randomly, meaning each time you enter you'll find a different layout. Even if you've ridded an area of its bugs, you'll still be able to play.

I'm not sure what exactly you're exchanging with other players when you exchange System Areas. However, this does seem to be a major part of the game's communication component. By clearing a floor you've received, you can receive the avatar parts of the floor's owner. You can combine the floors you've received to create a dungeon of at most 100 floors.

Also revealed this week is Cloud's role in the game. Sora's travels take him to Olympus Coliseum. As with all other areas of the world, this area is filled with bug blocks. Sora and Hercules team up to solve the problem, but blocking their way is Cloud, who's formed a contract with Hades. In the end, you team up with Cloud for a battle against Hades' pooch, Cerberus.

One point of note about Olympus Coliseum is that it uses a turn-based command battle system. This is set from an old school Final Fantasy perspective. There are some action elements, as you can press the A button with good timing for combos and can press guard with good timing to block enemy attacks.

The original summary post is full of details. I'll wait until I have screenshots to go with the info before I summarize further.

High Marks for Metroid Other M (added 12:37)

Famitsu gave Metroid Other M high marks this week. The Team Ninja co-project scored 9, 9, 8 and 9. I'm not sure what the reviewers said.

Dengeki PlayStation reviewed Monster Hunter Diary and scored the PSP Monster Hunter spinoff a 65, 75, 80 and 80. The game gives the feeling of doing work, one reviewer complained, but said that the Felynes are cute and building up your village is fun.

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Next Week (added 12:29)

Famitsu is promising a feature on Monster Hunter Portable 3rd next week. Will we finally get some actual details, or will this be another back-and-forth between Tsujimoto and other staff members?

It looks like Famitsu has figured out that there are a billion Monster Hunter clones coming out later this year. In addition to the MHP3rd feature, the magazine is promising an article analyzing MHP3rd, Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity, Lord of Arcana and God Eater Burst.

The magazine also promises an issue full of scoop information that will surprise anyone.

First Details: Shiren the Wanderer 5

Shiren the Wanderer 4 hit DS just this past February. Fans won't have to wait too long for a new entry in the series. Part 5 will be released on the DS this December, Famitsu reveals this week.

The game's full name is Fushigi no Dungeon Fuurai no Shiren 5 Fortune Tower to Unmei no Dice, or Mystery Dungeon Shiren the Wanderer 5: Fortune Twoer and the Dice of Fate.

The setting is, just like the title suggests, a tower of fate called Fortune Tower. The game starts in Inori Village, which Shiren and his companion Coppa visit following 2008's Fuurai no Shiren DS 2 (I'm not too knowledgable about the series, but I guess this means Shiren 5 is a sequel to Shiren DS 2 rather than Shiren 4?). The two companions hear a legend that by climbing to the top of Fortune Tower they'll be able to meet a god and have their fate changed.

Your guide to the tower is the simple and innocent Tao.

I'm not 100% sure about this, but I believe Famitsu says that Chunsoft is publishing Shiren 5 for itself. Previously, the developer worked with Sega and then Spike on the publishing side, so this would be big news if true.

Artwork from Shiren DS 2.

First Details: Super Robot Wars L (added 10/29)

The leaked report from yesterday was accurate - Super Robot Taisen L is Famitsu's strategy RPG surprise this week.

Yesterday's report actually originated from some leaked retailer promo materials rather than Famitsu. These aren't evil scans, so I'll include them here.

The materials apparently show newcomer properties like Macross F, Rebuild of Evangelion, Linebarrels of Iron and Dancouga Nova and promised a release for November 25. You can get a more complete list at Game Jouhou. They also have a full story description.

Famitsu has an interview with producer Ayumi Uchida who reveals that the game will be more friendly and simple. Those trademark cut-ins have been powered up to be smoother and more dynamic. We can also expect event animation sequences similar to Super Robot Wars K.

As a pre-order bonus, Namco Bandai is readying a case of some form.

PSP2 Infinity Detailed (added 10:17)

Here's a bit of what's new with Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity, which has a two page spread on the pages of this week's Famitsu.

The game's story mode will include a new scenario titled "Episode 2." This scenario will focus on a new character Nagisa (voiced by Nana Mizuki). She wears an eye patch.

In an interview, producer Satoshi Sakai said that the game is not just a version up. They're using the word "infinity" to mean that in their belief that they could do more and more with the game, they've crossed a limit

More than news of Infinity, I'm intrigued by the a "PSO 10th anniversary" logo that appears in the Famitsu article. If Sega went through the trouble of making a logo, perhaps we can expect their plans to go beyond just this updated PSP2.

What kinds of tie-ups will PSP2 Infinity bring? (shown, PSP2's Pizza Hut tie-up -- that's a shield).

First Details: Bullet Soul (added 10:09)

Famitsu does indeed have a full two page report on 5pb.'s original Xbox 360 shoot-em-up Bullet Soul this week. The game is set for winter release at ¥7,350.

Although originally designed for Xbox 360, the game is pure vertical shooter, with arcade-like screen dimensions. You probably won't mind having a wallpaper to the left and right of the action, though, as the game's character designs are from Akio Watanabe.

Music is from Kenji Ito, who's known for his work on the Romancing SaGa series.

I'm not sure of what the shooting system is like, but it looks like the game will place an emphasis on attacks rather than just evasion.

Super Robot Wars L Confirmed

Looks like those early leaks were right. Super Robot Wars L is indeed coming to the DS, and is featured in Famitsu this week in a five page feature. This was presumably the strategy title Famitsu was teasing last week.

Famitsu also has blowouts on Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity, word of which leaked out yesterday via the Phantasy Star Portable 2 budget edition box art. The magazine also has a debut look at Shiren the Wanderer 5: Fortune Tower and the Dice of Fate, also for the DS.

Shiren 4, released earlier this year.
Banana prince is pleased with the news about Shiren 5.

In Square Enix news, Famitsu has features on Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded and The 3rd Birthday. Both of these were expected based off Twitter teases from Tetsuya Nomura and crew.

For shmup fans, it looks like Famitsu will be delivering some actual details on 5pb.'s Bullet Soul. The game was announced last week on the pages of the magazine without any details.

Famitsu also has followup reports this week on Dream Club Zero and El Shaddai.

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