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Gran Turismo 5: A Tale of Two Controversies

Yamauchi responds to screenshot conspiracy theories and the recent flag controversy.


Years ago, conspiracy theorists analyzed Moon landing pics for shadow and reflection errors and successfully proved that America did not actually go to the Moon.

Now those same conspiracy theorists (or maybe their kids) have gotten their hands on Sony's recent batch of Gran Turismo 5 screenshots. This is the result:

Among the problems mentioned in the text bubbles:

  • 1. The mini map appears to show the player's car in the incorrect area.
  • 2. There are four cars in front of the player, but these are not on the mini map.
  • 3. The mini map shows 20 cars when the position display lists 16 cars.
  • 4. Even though this is the first lap, there are cars scattered about the mini map.
  • 5. If this is the Suzuka Circuit, it shouldn't take more than 3 minutes to get through a full course. Why does the timer show 5:25?
  • 6. If this is the first lap, why is "Last Lap" shown in the upper right?
  • 7. If this is the first lap, why is there a Best Lap time shown? (The image creator notes that the game could be including past lap times.)
  • 8. Why does the white car in front not have its break lights flashing when it's going into a hairpin turn?
  • 9. Why do the analogue and digital speed readouts differ? (The image creator notes that this could be due to the analogue pointer being simulated properly.)

GT series producer Kazunori Yamauchi decided to issue a response earlier today to this screenshot via his Twitter. Seriously... he responded!

The screenshot actually isn't totally legit, he admitted. It was an early sample design image and is off in a number of areas. One of the edits they made in preparing the screenshot for public consumption was to change all the IDs to wine names, for instance.

Yamauchi apologized for causing worries and said that perhaps they should take some live captures during online play.

In more worthwhile news, Yamauchi also issued a response earlier today to the recent controversy regarding the game's Siena track. Apparently, some folks are in a fit over the game's use of certain background elements, in particular the flags that line the course.

A follower asked Yamauchi if deleting the offending content would cause a release delay. Responded Yamauchi, "We can delete it in an instant, but the flags of the city's various wards, which serve as one part of the beautiful background of ancient Sienna, are vivid and beautiful. It's unfortunate to have them removed."

I'm not sure if Yamauchi is actually saying that the flags are being removed, or if he's saying that it would be unfortunate if they were removed. Yamauchi does occasionally respond to English Tweets, so feel free to ask.

Here's a video of the offending track:

[Seen at My Game News Flash]

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