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Date Set For Shining Hearts

Early December for latest Shining game. Sega also details a big pre-order bonus.


Sega announced today a final release date of December 2 for Shining Hearts. The game will carry a ¥6,279 price.

First announced just a few weeks back, Shining Hearts is the latest entry in Sega's "Shining" series. The game offers a more traditional RPG experience than past titles, with menu-driven battles. Players will also find love simulation components and an interactive conversation system.

Visit this story for the most recent gameplay and story update.

Joining the release date announcement, Sega detailed a pre-order bonus. Those who pre-order will get the "Pirate Treasure Fan Disc." This includes a soundtrack with song samples from composer Hiroki Kikuta, a voice collection, PC and PSP wallpapers, and a high res version of the game's opening. The bonus also includes an art book and a promotional card for the card game Victory Spark.

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